Guide to Working with Hudson Lockers

Address: 621 Cedar Street

Phone: 303-536-4777






Hudson Lockers is committed to working with the small livestock producer who raises animals for his own consumption and/or for sale of pork, lamb or goats to individual consumers.

Who Should Use This Form 

If you raise pork, lamb or goats and need slaughter and processed for the home freezer; this form is for you.  It will explain the services we offer, charges and outline the necessary procedures to have your animals processed.

Services Offered

Hudson Lockers is licensed as a Custom Exempt Meat Processor by the State of Colorado.  We will slaughter and process your animal into steaks, roasts, chops, burger and/or sausage.  We also offer custom curing of hams and bacons and will make jerky and smoked sausages (smoked sausages require a 25 lb minimum order).  Steaks, roasts and chops are double wrapped with a plastic film inner wrap and a butcher paper outer wrap.  Burger and sausages are packaged in plastic bags with a high oxygen barrier to prevent freezer burn.  Cured products such as hams, bacons and smoked sausages are vacuum packaged. 


Payment for services is expected at pickup. Payment options include cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards. For your convenience, we are able to take credit card payments over the telephone. 


Our fees can be found on our website:  Top bar:  click on “Meat Processing”.  When it opens click “Charges” and pick the species of interest.


Please do not bring animals for slaughter without prior scheduling.  Appointments are best made by phone.  Call:  303-536-4777.  The waiting time for an appointment is typically 7 to 14 days.  However, fairs and wild game processing may cause the waiting time to extend as much as 30 days during the months of August thru December.  We try to keep the waiting period as short as possible but it is best to call 30 days in advance if you need to schedule an appointment during those busy months.

Cutting Instructions

Cutting instructions need to be submitted promptly after the animal is slaughtered:

Pork Instructions:  Please submit on the day of slaughter or, at latest, the day following slaughter.  Hogs do not require aging and may be cut within 1 or 2 days of slaughter. Customers who are selling hogs and bring in several at a time should bring names and instructions in at the time of slaughter or have their customers submit their instructions in advance.

Sheep and Goats:  Please submit instructions within 2 or 3 days.

How do I submit cutting instructions?

(Preferred method)  Go to our website:  On the top bar click  “Meat Processing”.  When it opens click “Forms”.  Pick the species and fill out the form.  When finished, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.  There is space on the form for special instructions or questions.

By phone:  Our phone number is 303-536-4777.  Anyone who answers will be able to take your instructions.

In shop:  We have hard copy of the instruction sheets here.  You can fill them out here or take them home and fax them back to us.  Our fax number is 303-536-4063.

Order pickup

When your product is finished we will call or email you to let you know. Your finished product must be picked up within 5 business days of notification that it is ready. Please understand that our facility has limited cold storage.  We process daily and must have room to freeze freshly processed product.  If orders are not picked up promptly it causes a bottleneck and results in loss of production for us.  Product left in our facility more than five business days after notification will incur a storage fee.

Our Weekly Schedule:

Currently our business hours are Mon-Fri:  8:00 to 6:00 and Sat:  9:00 to 2:00.  We slaughter mornings Monday thru Friday.  We process all day Monday thru Friday.  Saturdays are reserved for retail meat sales and customer order pickup.   

Sausage and Cured Meat Ingredients

Fresh (not smoked) sausage:

·      None of our fresh sausages contain nitrites.  They are all mixed with natural spices and no fillers.  Some seasonings, however, are pre-mixed and do contain MSG.  If you are sensitive to MSG or have allergies it is best to inquire when submitting your order.

Cured (smoked) meats: 

·      Our hams and bacons are sugar cured and hickory smoked.  They contain no MSG and no allergens. Sodium nitrite is used as a curing agent.  Because of bad publicity many people object to the use of sodium nitrite in cured products.  It is an essential ingredient in the process to help prevent food poisoning resulting from the temperature zone used to cure products.  Most “nitrite free” products do have nitrite but it is introduced into the product by the use of vegetable powders high in sodium nitrite or sea salt, also high in nitrates and nitrites.  Producers  often avoid labeling nitrite as such by listing the powders or “sea salt”

·      Smoked sausages:  These products also use sodium nitrite as a curing agent.  Some contain MSG.  Some may contain allergens.  We are happy to discuss our seasonings and ingredients with concerned customers.


We use plastic bags to package your meat order for transporting.  The bags are not insulated.  Customers who have to transport their meat for long distances or are concerned about hot weather should bring coolers.