Local Business Brings Home Awards From Regional Competition

Two local business owners are doing what they can to keep a sharp edge on competition.  Darren and Jerry Sydow, who own and operate Hudson Lockers, recently attended the Hands Across the Rockies Meat Processors Convention held at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. Approximately 30-40 small meat processors across Colorado and Wyoming attend this convention to receive training in food safety, meat processing technology and learn the latest developments in the meat industry.

One of the highlights of the convention is a cured meats competition in which contestants enter cured meats in 10 different categories ranging from whole muscle products such as ham and bacon to items including summer sausage, jerky and wild game specialty items.

Of the products entered by Hudson Lockers, Darren and Jerry received awards in six categories: four grand champion plaques and two reserve grand champion plaques.  The awards were for products including bacon, summer sausage, Polish sausage, wild game snack sticks, jalapeno/cheddar summer sausage and teriyaki flavored beef jerky. Previously they received awards for ham, salami, beef snack sticks, hot dogs and their original flavored beef jerky.

Most of these products are for sale at Hudson Lockers, located at 621 Cedar St. in Hudson. The Sydows have owned and operated the business for over 30 years. Jerry has more than 48 years of experience in the meat industry and Darren has over 20 years of experience, starting from the time he was in high school. For many years they focused on custom slaughtering and meat processing. At that time, curing was geared toward taking care of the hams and bacons resulting from the hog processing operation.

Early in 2006 Darren and Jerry closed the plant for a complete remodel. The result is a modern, expanded and fully-equipped meat processing facility. Custom slaughtering and processing is still a very important part of the business and the expansion has allowed them to shorten the waiting time for a slaughter appointment from a span which sometimes ranged from six to eight weeks to no more than a week or so.

Another addition from the remodeling project is a small retail area in the front. The retail area is intended to highlight the many smoked meat products they sell, all made in-house from their own recipes. In addition to smoked sausage, a variety of fresh sausages is also available. In addition to the smoked meats and sausage, sides of beef and hogs are available, or, in smaller quantities, a variety of meat bundles are for sale. Ground beef and aged, USDA choice steaks and roasts can be purchased separately if customers aren't interested in a bundle.

Hudson Lockers offers a variety of services including custom slaughtering and processing, wild game processing, BBQ rentals, cooking of whole pigs and retail sales. If a service isn’t included in the list, give Darren and Jerry a call at 303-536-4777; they just might be able to do it.

If you haven't been to Hudson Lockers, Jerry and Darren invite you to come see them. If you have been there, they'll welcome you back.

Reprinted with permission from:  Lost Creek Guide - Keenesburg CO