Pork Processing Charges

Processing Charges
  Cut And Wrap
(All chops, steaks, and fresh roasts are paper wrapped. Sausage, bacon, and boneless hams are vacuum packed)  NO EXCEPTIONS

  Whole Hog $55.00
Half Hog
   Kill only (Slaughter for BBQ) $60.00
 Bacon $1.45/lb
 Ham $1.15/lb
Season Sausage $1.00/lb
Most Common Extras Order Options*
  Splits (1/2 Hog, instead of whole) $12.50 each half
  Sausage in Casings $2.00/lb
  Breakfast Links $2.50/lb
   Ham, all breakfast steaks $5 per ham
  Ham, all sandwiched sliced $5 per ham 
  Cut meat in small cubes for green chili $1/lb
  Extra wrapping for 3 chops/package $10.00 per hog

Prices effective as of April 1st, 2019

Prices subject to change without notice