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The ability to go to a custom meat shop is rare these days …. especially with the charm and expertise of Hudson Lockers, located at 621 Cedar St. in Hudson, Colorado. Jerry and Darren Sydow, award-winning owners of Hudson Lockers, have been in business for over 40 years. Jerry, the father, who recently retired, has passed the reins to his son, Darren, who is now running the business. Trained by the best, Darren is an expert in traditional meat cutting and continues to stay up to date with what’s happening in the industry. Darren has been to numerous cured meat college classes and many food safety courses over the last ten years. He has received hundreds of awards for his cured meats from the Colorado/Wyoming Association of Meat Processors.  

The name, Hudson Lockers, came from a time in the beginning when the focus of the business was to process beef and pork and rent lockers to store meat until our customers needed it. As more of our customers bought their own freezers to store meat, the lockers became less a part of the business. To keep business going with the times, we underwent a massive remodel and switched the focus to retail sales and only doing pork processing. With pork processing, we can concentrate on doing what we love best and doing it the right way. Every order is done separately the way the customer wants and expects.

You don’t have to raise your own animals to try to get a taste of Hudson Lockers. You can come to our retail store and try everything we have to offer. We have fresh meats, cured meats, bundles, and occasional specials. By constantly keeping up with all the new equipment and food science safety, we are currently the largest custom pork producer in Colorado. We are not too small to serve you and not too big to grow with you.


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621 Cedar St. Hudson, CO 80642

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